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All about the food of Pune

Pune is a wonderful, diverse, unique city with interesting people, one-and-only “Puneri” cultures and best of all heavenly, lip-smacking food.

Population :

With a population of 69,87,000, Pune is the second largest city in all of Maharashtra

Places to visit :

Like any other city, Pune has its share of historically important sites, that you can visit while in Pune. This includes the Sinhagad fort, Shaniwar wada, the Aga Khan Palace and much more.

Sinhagad Fort
Shaniwar Wada
Aga Khan Palace

Before and after :

About two or three decades ago, Pune was a silent, calm and peaceful city filled with trees and fresh air to go about. Now, Pune has developed into an urban hotspot filled with education and career opportunities and lots and lots of buildings.


Pune’s living expenses :

They depend on the place you have chosen to live in. If it is a developed, more offering area, then the cost of living might be outside your budget. However, if you decide on a modest, unextraordinary place to live, then the expense is cut back definitely. Overall, Pune is a wonderful, welcoming place to live for families and bachelors alike. For example, the rent of an apartment can go from ₹17000 to ₹25000, depending on the location and area of it.

Future prospects :

Pune is a city that is constantly evolving, making it a very good place for your future considerations. Education-wise, Pune is always the best choice, whether it be in the past, the present or the future. Taking careers into thought, new opportunities are arising day by day for the coming generation.

Living conditions :

The living conditions of Pune are fairly pleasant. It is a combination of both busy and silent. Pune is also a clean city with fresh air and lots to offer, including jobs, education, health etc.

Food of Pune :

Moving on, a differing city such as Pune has to have food of the same distinction, and I’m glad to tell you, it does !

Here are all the mouth-watering foods you absolutely have to try when you visit this amazing city –

Misal pav (Kata kirr) : Misal pav is a dish consisting of a flavorful red broth with bean sprouts and the very famous ‘Farsan’ for a crunchy texture, eaten with pav. You can also add some lemon juice for acidity, along with onion and coriander. It is known for its bold and daring spicy flavors and is a constant favorite of Punekars. You can check out the famous restaurant Kata Kirr for some tasty misal pav.

Vada pav : Who doesn’t know this beloved bite of a crunchy potato vada perfectly complementing the sweet and spicy red-green chutney combo on a soft pav ?

FUN FACT ! Though originated from Mumbai, you will definitely see a ‘wadewale’ every ten minutes here in Pune.

Mango Mastani ( Sujata Mastani) : Everyone loves a cool, refreshing drink on a hot summer night. The ever-loved mango mastani from the iconic Sujata Mastani is thick and luxurious and more than perfect for alphonso lovers.

Bhakharwadi ( Chitale Bandhu ) : This small, crunchy little snack is famous and always a popular meet-greet gift to people. Though many people sell this, Chitale Bandhu is the original carrier of Bhakharwadi and has numerous branches in not only Pune but all over India.

Bahubali thali ( House of Paratha ) : This gigantic thali from House of Paratha is so big that you might need your entire family to finish this thali. It consists of 2-3 flatbreads, 5-6 vegetable numbers and at least 4 desserts.

Pithla Bhakri ( Sinhagad fort ) : Pithla bhakri belongs to only Maharashtra and is eaten in almost every Maharashtrian family on a regular basis. Pithla is made from gram flour or ‘besan’ and bhakri is a thick madefrom jawar. It is eaten after climbing the steep and beautiful Sinhagad fort at the top witha sour ‘matka’ of fresh dahi or curd.

Sabudana wada ( JM road ) : This is a beloved fried guilty pleasure of people. By its name, it is made of sabudana or sago with a crunchy, chewy outer crust and a sweet and spicy cucumber and yoghurt chutney. Sabudana wadas, though available in restaurants or cafes, are best eaten mouth-burningly hot off of a food truck, trolley or stall.

FUN FACT ! Sugar is added to the outside coating before frying in the oil, to make sure that the outside is crunchy, chewy and full of texture.

Congratulations on getting through this list without running to the kitchen rummaging for food.

Now you know all about Pune, especially its food. So hurry over to this amazing city and try all of these foods to satisfy your now-turned Puneri soul !

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